Our JWC LUXURY TEAM location in Chelsea, Manhattan is looking for top agents & brokers to join our agency. We are able to generate the most leads possible from our worldwide network of agents that work alongside JWC LUXURY TEAM, creating a truly global network that any agent could benefit from


The JWC LUXURY TEAM network will help you build strong global relationships, with opportunities for both professional and personal growth. We pride ourselves on creating a team environment at JWC LUXURY TEAM, which allows our agents to work together for even greater success. Our tight-knit community helps JWC LUXURY TEAM agents attain permanent professional advancement as well as a strong sense of character.

What is the agent split?

JWC LUXURY TEAM is a major player in the real estate scene of New York City. We offer the highest split among the big firms in Manhattan.

Commercial, Residential, Rental?

Our agents cover all aspects of the business and tailor to each customer's individual needs. With access to all MLS systems in NYC, we are able to seize opportunities of all types, whether commercial, residential, or rental properties.

How is the training?

At JWC REAL ESTATE GROUP, we believe that training is closely linked to success. Our individual office holds a team meeting every week, where different topics are brought up and discussed between the agents. Our in-house training is among the best in the city and provided by the CEO himself. It is this great training that allows JWC LUXURY TEAM agents to sell more than any other agents, and establish a great base in New York City.

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